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My Allotted Teenage Moment: My Cat is Da Best (I think every cat owner can identify with this)

I have decided, after giving it minimum consideration, that my cat is the best cat ever. I am, of course, biased, but I do not care.

You see, my dear cat, Layla, is a drama queen (as seen in the image to the right), but thankfully she's a drama queen in the best possible way. She likes to follow me around the house, wakes me up early in the morning, ordering me to let her out of my room, even though she often insists on coming inside on her own (though not always. Other times, I haul her up the stairs anyway). She's quite patient, especially for a Siamese cat, as she lets my sister and me do pretty much whatever we like to her (i.e. picking her up, petting her, giving her unwanted hugs, etc.), so long as we don't hurt her. Her eyes are the colors of an icicle and I'm sure she can stare into your soul, though that has not been scientifically proven (yet). Her adorable little white-tipped paws are fluffy and amazing, except when her claws dig into your skin as she tries t…
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I Have a New Favorite Song

I have found my new favorite song. Go ahead and click on the video, listen to it if you haven't heard it, and then read on.

This is a pretty popular song right now, I think (I don't know for sure because I'm in another country), so I'm sure many of you have heard it. But, out of all the songs on the planet, why is this my new favorite song EVER? For one simple reason: they're saying something every girl - and guy - needs to hear, but rarely does. How often is she (or he) told these things? Let's look closely at my favorite lyrics in the song:

I see you dressed in white Every wrong made right I see a rose in bloom At the sight of you Oh, so priceless Irreplaceable, unmistakable, incomparable Darling, it's beautiful I see it all in you Oh, so priceless
How often, really, do we hear this? How often do we tell people this? How many little kids grow up not knowing their worth? Even now, all grown up, how many of us don't know our worth? Let me tell you, no matter how m…

Children's Books I've Loved Over the Years

Children's books - the foundation of a love for reading.
- Magic Tree House, Book One: Dinosaurs Before Dark -
   Author: Mary Pope Osborne    Back Cover Description: Where did the tree house come from?
   Before Jack and Annie can find out, the mysterious tree house whisks them to the prehistoric past. Now they have to figure out how to get home. Can they do it before dark…or will they become a dinosaur’s dinner?
I loved these books growing up!! I'm pretty sure everyone in our family read them, and they were some of the best early reads ever! - Frog and Toad, Book One: Frog and Toad are Friends -
   Author: Arnold Lobel    Back Cover Description: From writing letters to going swimming, telling stories to finding lost buttons, Frog and Toad are always there for each other—just as best friends should be. I learned to read with these books! They're great for early readers, and they have amazing illustration.  - The Secrets of Droon, Book One: The Hidden Staircase and the Magic Carpet

The Dual Character Inquisition Tag

Melissa Gravitis @ Quill Pen Writer has tagged me in The Dual Character Inquisition Tag! I'm so excited to participate. Thanks for tagging me, Melissa!

   I've decided to use Wolfe and Clio, my characters from Forsaken, as I've already told you a lot about Endings and his brothers. Here's a quick, rough blurb:
   Wolfe isn't a very good person, but he's on the right side in the raging civil war, and that's all that matters to him. Struggling with PTSD and drug and alcohol addictions, he forces himself to endure and keep fighting - whether fighting is what's best for him or not. All that matters is defeating Claudius and saving the people that Wolfe refuses to admit he cares about.
Clio, Wolfe's best and closest friend since childhood, is desperate to convince him that not only is he worth saving, he CAN be saved, by the One and Only person that matters. Unfortunately, she hasn't yet realized that in trying to push Wolfe closer to God she is actuall…

Mystery, Suspense and Romance Novels I've Loved Over the Years

And on to the treasure!
- The Christy Miller Series, Book One: Summer Promise -

   Author: Robin Jones Gunn    Back Cover Description: As fourteen-year-old Christy leaves her family's Wisconsin farm to spend her summer at her wealthy aunt and uncle's beach home in Newport, California, she realizes this could be the best summer of her life. Her aunt is bending over backward to see that Christy's every wish is granted, the popular beach crowd is talking to her, and she catches the attention of a cute surfer named Todd.    But the summer doesn't turn out as Christy hoped. Suddenly, she is faced with choices she's never had to make before, and the safe world that she's always known comes crashing down around her. Through it all, Christy struggles to keep her promise to her parents to not do anything she'll regret. But will she stop at nothing to get Todd, to be accepted, and to force her summer to give her everything it promised?    This Christan romance(ish) no…

A Day in the Life of a Teenage Writer

What's it like being a teenage writer, you ask? (Or, maybe you didn't ask, but I'm going to continue anyway . . .)
   I'd like to say that it's filled with adventure and excitement at every turn, but in reality it's just sitting at a computer and helping other people (who are apparently "not real") go on adventures and face excitement. Let's start with a basic overview, shall we?
   1. Wake up at around eleven, groggy because I stayed up until 3 AM last night
   2. Lay in bed scrolling through Facebook for twenty minutes
   3. Finally convince myself to get some breakfast
   4. Eat said breakfast
   5. Read. A lot. Like, probably for two-five hours. Maybe longer.
   6. Realize that I should be writing
   7. Get distracted by television for thirty minutes while eating lunch
   8. Convince self to go write
   9. Get sidetracked by blog, writing a few blog posts ahead to make sure I have them ready

   10. Eat dinner
   11. At around nine or ten, get serious abo…

Fantasy Novels I've Loved Over the Years

Today is something a bit different. It's more like a list and a mini-description of fantasy novels that I've loved over the years and what I loved about them. Looking for new fantasy books to read? Well, these are all parts of series - all of them pretty long series that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. Let's get started!

- The Secrets of Droon, Book One: The Hidden Stairs and the Magic Carpet -

Author: Tony Abbott Back Cover Description: Underneath the steps leading down the Eric's basement is a hidden storage space. It's dusty and old - nothing special at all. But when Eric, Julie and Neal all huddle inside the gray room together, something unbelievable happens. A rainbow-colored staircase appears. And as the kids take their very first step down into the mysterious land of Droon, they know that only magic and adventure awaits them!    Flying cities, hidden palaces, and magical ocean storms - Droon is full of secrets. And for Eric, Julie and Neal, this is just the beg…