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Grace's Corner of the World: Taking Things for Granted

My older sister has returned from the United States! I can’t even tell you how thrilling it is to have her back. I didn't fully realize how much I love her until I didn't have her around to hug anymore.  We’ve done quite a lot since her arrival, and I wouldn’t trade any of the time I have with her for anything. Just yesterday, we went ice skating . . . Well, I say we, but I really mean they. I don’t enjoy ice skating, so I skated with my older sister for the first half-hour, and decided that my ankles were beginning to hurt and that I was done. So, I sat back and spammed my older sister’s phone with photos. She’ll thank me later . . . probably. While I was filling her phone, I looked up to see my younger sister on the ground out on the ice skating rink. I hop up and watch her come over, crying. Now, normally she would not cry. She’s a very strong girl. But, she’d been run over by an out-of-control skater and had fallen, trying to stop herself by using her hands. Ouch! She now has…

Grace's Corner of the World: Christmas Has Come

It almost doesn’t seem right
That another Christmas season is taking flight
More people go around
Shopping and singing of snow on the ground
Yet another season will pass
With people forgetting the reason we celebrate
We come together
Not for gifts
Or for singing
Or for watching Christmas movies
We come together to smile
And thank the Lord for sacrificing
A life in heaven for a life on earth
And saving us from our sins
So terrible and dark
And for loving us with all His might
A love we don’t deserve
So, as you open all your presents
On Christmas day
Don’t forget the reason why
We celebrate that way

Dear Emma

Dear Emma,
I was going to write you a regular blog post, like I did for Mom on her birthday, but I decided to do something different. So, here we go. We have so many memories together, my dear little sister, and I can hardly believe that you’re turning eleven today. We’ll soon be able to make new memories, and we’ll go on new adventures but, for now, I’m going to remind you of some of my favorites. I can remember so many things about our fantastic adventures (and, when I say fantastic, I mean fantastic). We travelled all over the world in our imaginations, and then we actually did end up travelling across the world . . . that’s a different story, of course. When we were little – you were probably around seven and I was around ten – we played one of the best games ever invented. I’ve no idea what we decided to call it, but I do remember that it was all because of the Monsterology book we have. Our fort, which stood out in our yard with a pole and a slide, was our underwater base. Brennan …