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My Allotted Teenage Moment: My Cat is Da Best (I think every cat owner can identify with this)

I have decided, after giving it minimum consideration, that my cat is the best cat ever. I am, of course, biased, but I do not care.

You see, my dear cat, Layla, is a drama queen (as seen in the image to the right), but thankfully she's a drama queen in the best possible way. She likes to follow me around the house, wakes me up early in the morning, ordering me to let her out of my room, even though she often insists on coming inside on her own (though not always. Other times, I haul her up the stairs anyway). She's quite patient, especially for a Siamese cat, as she lets my sister and me do pretty much whatever we like to her (i.e. picking her up, petting her, giving her unwanted hugs, etc.), so long as we don't hurt her. Her eyes are the colors of an icicle and I'm sure she can stare into your soul, though that has not been scientifically proven (yet). Her adorable little white-tipped paws are fluffy and amazing, except when her claws dig into your skin as she tries to get comfy on your lap, but since she actually took the time to sit on your lap . . . well, you'll just be thankful and deal with it. And you'll try your best not to move for fear of making her uncomfortable. I once sat in the exact same tormentingly uncomfortable position for a solid twenty minutes just because I didn't want her to abandon ship. Sadly, my mission ended in failure, as she did end up leaving me. Apparently she didn't appreciate my efforts.

I swear her adorable little tummy is softer than clouds and feathers and anything else soft and silky you can possibly think of. Her mew is like the song of angels (except when it's at 4:00AM, then it's more like that annoying neighbor that insists on playing hard rock music in the wee hours of the morning), and if you barely touch just the right position on the curve of her cute little tail, her entire tail will shoot up like a catapult and she'll look at you with the "I'm so done with this giant hairless cat" look on her face. And then, of course, you have to appreciate her overall adorableness when she's napping (which takes up most of her days and nights).

She's the kind of cat that wants what she wants (but what cat isn't, really?) and she usually gets it. "It," of course, is a belly rub or food. But be careful with that first one - she might just turn on you and try to bite your hand off (you've been warned. But act surprised. She doesn't like it when you just roll your eyes or heavy sigh). 

This is from the time she followed me downstairs, and when I looked down at my phone to answer a message, she collapsed at my feet very dramatically. I think she was looking for attention...

When I clean off surfaces for her, she'll absolutely take great measure to ignore my hard work and lie right on the pile not two feet away. It's as if she's trying to make a point, but I'm not quite sure what that point is. You see, if I don't clean off the pile from her special chair, she complains and mews until I move the stuff. But if I do clean it off, she'll go right over to where I put the things and collapse on top of them. 

Even if her face looks grumpy, she'll make sure to purr, just so I know I'm petting her correctly. I think she thinks it's my reward or something. She definitely thinks of me as her kitten/slave and not her as my kitten/strange-fuzzy-thing-I-keep-around-because-I-can't-help-but-love-it.
This entire rant is to say, of course, that my cat is the best cat (and pet) in the world, and I'm sure you can't prove otherwise...

If you'd like to try, of course, show me a picture of your cat (or other pet) in the comments below or on my Facebook page Julia Witmer, Author! Feel free to tell me a little story about them, too, I'd love to hear it!


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