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Grace's Corner of the World: Wrong, Or just Different?

Wrong, or just different? Adjusting to the oddities of a new culture.

In my old country, we never sold bubble guns and brooms at the traffic lights. 
In my old country, we never trimmed our flower bushes with a machete. 
In my old country, we never sat on the power lines. 
In my old country, we never let our toddlers drive our motorbikes. 
In my old country, we never drove into oncoming traffic. 
In my old country, we never gave taxi rides to our motorbikes.
In my old country, we never made offerings to the spirits outside the mall. 
In my old country, I never cried over powdered donuts. 
In my old country, we never bought office furniture on the side of the road.

Grace's Corner of the World: Beauty

Our planet so beautiful The rain so chilled
The sun so warm The stars bright The animals so intricate The snow so icy The sea so blue The wind smelling so sweet A gift to us so undeserved So savor it from morning to night And forget not God’s wonder God created those things The beauty of it all The glory and love So, child of God, What does that make you?

Grace's Corner of the World: A Post to All the Girls Out There

Why do we care so much about what other people think? Why does it even matter? We are self-conscious about things that we don’t need to be self-conscious about. About how much we weigh, what our hair color is, what our eye color is, how tall or short we are, how we sound when we sing, our voice-pitch in general. . . why does it matter? What’s the point? Listen to me when I say this: you are perfect just the way you are. As long as you are healthy, it really doesn’t matter how you think you look, because I can tell you that you are beautiful. How do I know that? Because God gave you that eye color. He gave you that skin color and that hair color and that body shape. He made you as tall as you are and He thinks you’re beautiful. In fact, He knows you’re beautiful. What do you think of that? If that isn’t enough for you, then may I just say that, not only did God make you the way you are, but he wanted to make you in the first place? He looked at the earth and thought that we needed one of…