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The Threat of a Blank Page and Blinking Cursor

Picture it: you’re sitting down to your computer, thrilled about a new book idea that you’ve been planning for ages and have finally allowed yourself to write. You open a new Word document and set your hands on the keyboard. And . . . you freeze.

Every writer – whether you write essays, books, short stories or poems – has faced the threat of a blank page and a blinking cursor. You have an amazing idea (or you’re being forced to write a school essay) and you’re ready to write it, but something is holding you back. There’s just a bit of doubt that creeps into your head. There’s a world of stories on that empty page, and you don’t know how to start it. I feel this every time I start a new novel, or a new blogpost, or an essay for school. There’s just something intimidating about a blank page and the threat of a bad grade or a terrible book.

I can’t tell you any for sure ways to get past this “immediate writer’s block,” but I can give you a list of the different things I do to try and help m…