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Grace's Corner of the World: Things I've learned from Living in my Household

 1.God comes first
2.It’s okay to ask questions
3.You must burst into song at least once daily
4.There is a movie quote for everything
5.No need to be competitive, just have fun
6.You always go to church, and there’s no excuse not to
7.Go ahead and have seconds…
8.Cooking with mom is fun
9.If Mom uses your middle name when addressing you, you know you’re in big trouble
10.Every time parents use your name when speaking to you, the first thing you ask is “What did I do this time?”
11.You shouldn’t force hugs on people. . . but Grace will do it anyway
12.Dad gets the comfy chair
13.Whether we say it out loud or not, there is assigned seating at the breakfast table
14.Family time is important
15.When Mom is reading, the rest of the world no longer exists
16.Puzzles are fun
17.We are beautiful children of God
18.Personal devotions are a must
19.“If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy”
20.Siblings are special
21.“Just because you say no offense, doesn’t mean I’m not offended”
22.Follow your dreams… if they’re God’s too
23.Listen to the Holy Spirit, because, just because you’re young, doesn’t mean that He can’t speak to you
24.You can always talk about God
25.Always make room for dessert
26.If you know the Thai word for the word you want to use, you use it, even if you’re speaking in English. “Can you pass me the kluay?”
27.You always close the cupboard door… except that nobody ever does
28.We talk to the computers
29.You’re supposed to keep your room clean, but you never really do
30.Your brother is the “good child”, your sister is the “funny child” and Grace is the “complaining child”
31.No balls inside the house… unless Dad’s playing with you
32.Just go with it
33.If your sister’s an extrovert, go do something with her
34.Grace shouldn’t spend all her life watching Doctor Who and Star Trek, but that doesn’t mean she won’t
35.Laughter is contagious
36. No talking to strangers... unless you're visiting a church
37. It's not weird if people have a picture of you on their refrigerator


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