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Sunshine Blogger Tag

Melissa Gravitis tagged me in the Sunshine Blogger Tag! I’m so excited – it’s the first tag that I’ve participated in. Thanks for tagging me, Melissa!
The rules are pretty simple:
#1: Answer the 11 questions from your nominee
#2: Tag 11 bloggers
#3: Ask them 11 new questions
I don’t know if you’re as thrilled about this as I am, but I’m too pumped up to stall anymore. Let’s get on with it!

1) Did anything 'spark' your passion (writing, reading, art, etc.) or did it come on gradually?
     It was more of a gradual thing for me. But, I think it was when I began reading that I slowly realized books actually came from somewhere and didn’t just magically appear. Then I decided I could do it, too!

2) If a library was on fire and you could only save three of its books, which three would you choose?

     Oh, goodness. I’d probably say 1) Lost Girl of Astor Street, 2) Gregor the Overlander, the Prophecy of Bane, (book 2 in the series. It was my favorite!), and 3) The Negotiator (O’Malley Chronicles).

3) Coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or another drink?

     Tea!!! I probably drink far too much of it, but I can’t help it. (I’ve also been told I put too much sugar in it . . .). I do like coffee, too, though!

4) One of your characters can come alive for a day. Who do you want it to be?
This is literally how I reacted when I read that question...

Ahhhhhh!! How could you do that?!?! How am I supposed to choose?! Hmm . . . probably Endings (the main character in my current WIP). That’s such a tough question, though! I might choose Dreams (also from my current WIP). Gah, I don’t know! I’ll just go with Endings, cause he’s a pretty cool dude.

5) How many siblings do you have?

     3: an older sister, an older brother, and a younger sister. Love ‘em all, and I couldn’t live without them!

6) Do you have a motto? (If you do, share it, if you don't, make one up!)

     “Imagination's a life saver.” I try and remember this in my everyday life, and it makes everything so much more exciting! After all, going to the store’s pretty boring, but if you were doing it because a king had sent you on a quest to kill a dragon that’d been plaguing their kingdom? Much more fun.

7) What's the strangest dream you've ever had?

     Golly. That’s a tough one. I’d say any of the Doctor Who dreams that I’ve had are pretty strange – and there’s a lot of them, so . . .

8) Have you ever traveled out of your country, and if yes, where to?

     Yep! I’m an MK! I moved from Indiana to Thailand and, if you count airports, I’ve been alllllll over.

9) If you wished on a shooting star, what would you wish for?

     If I was going for something outlandish, I’d wish I could travel into books/TV shows/movies and be part of the story. If I was wishing for something more realistic, I have no idea what I’d wish for.

10) Would you rather go swimming in Antarctica or camping in the Sahara Desert?

      Hmm . . . probably camping in the Sahara Desert. I mean, I live in Thailand – the weather’s not THAT different, right?  ๐Ÿ˜‰

11) How did you come up with your blog's name?

      I don’t know, really. It just seemed fitting. I came up with a few options, and then showed them to a couple friends of mine, who helped me figure out which one would work out best. I’m pretty satisfied with the result ๐Ÿ˜Š

Well that was lots of fun! Now for the tagging portion. Who gets to go next? Get this: anyone who wants to.

That’s right. I went there.

Now for my eleven questions for you.

#1 - If you could go and live in any story (be it book, movie, or TV show), and return to our world whenever you wanted, which book/movie/TV show would you choose, and how long would you stay?
#2 - What is your favorite book genre?
#3 - Do you write in the same genre you read in? (i.e fiction/non-fiction, novels/blogs, etc.)
#4 - What’s your favorite TV series?
#5 - Do you prefer dark chocolate, white chocolate, or milk chocolate?
#6 - Favorite musician/band?
#7 - What was your favorite story/blog to write, and where did your inspiration for that story/blog come from?
#8 - What’s the one place you’ve always dreamed of going?
#9 - Favorite birthday celebration?
#10 - Earliest memory?
#11 - If you had to either go deep sea diving or sky diving, which would you choose and why?

Don’t be afraid to join in the fun! If you liked reading through my answers, and you want to answer some of your own, do so – I had a fun time coming up with my own questions! If you decide you want to answer the questions, make sure you tell me. I’d love to hear your answers!


  1. Yay, you did the tag! All your answers are great. :) I would rather go sky diving for sure, so I wouldn't have to worry about sharing space with other sea creatures. XD

    1. Thanks! :) I think I'd probably have a hard time doing either sky diving or deep sea diving . . . XD Thanks for stopping by and for tagging me in the first place!


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